One Million One Month (1M1M)  After reading about the U.N. report that states that one million species are at risk of disappearing, I created One Million One Month (1M1M), a global initiative to raise awareness about endangered species through art and social media. The first edition of 1M1M featured a 30 consecutive day challenge where people were invited to share their interpretation of different endangered species including animals, insects, and plants. The project was public and many people joined in. See the first round of the project here. Besides coordinating the project, I also illustrated the 30 species. 

1. Phillipine Eagle, 2. Araripe Manakin, 3. Bactrian Camel, 4. Baiji, 5. Bombus Affinis, 6. Chinese Crested Tern, 7. Chinese Pangolin, 8. Phillipine Crocodile, 9. Cozumel Raccoon, 10. European Mink, 11. Andean Cat, 12. Great Hammerhead, 13. White's Seahorse, 14. Javan Rhino, 15. Lemur Leaf Frog, 16. Livingstone's Flying Fox, 17. Mammilaria Herrerae, 18. Mosquera de Tamadaba, 19. Okapi, 20. Pygmy Three-toed Sloth, 21. Pika, 22. Pig-nosed Turtle, 23. Red Wolf, 24. Renala, 25. Resplendent Shrubfrog, 26. Diademed Sifaka, 27. Sinai Baton Blue, 28. Tapanuli Orangutan, 29. Calumma Tarzan, 30. Vaquita 


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