The Ocean
Personal work

Inspired by the writings of my friend Matthew Jurjonas, I made a few illustrations based on his journal writings while he was traveling through the ocean in Alaska. This project was shortlisted for the 2018 World Illustration Awards by the Association of Illustrators. 
"And there in the void I saw the world from the outside and felt free."
"The land does the waiting and the sea does the living. The sea, like I, cannot take that stillness and it indulges in life and the change that it brings."
"The world can still be the darkness of the back of my eyelids. It can still be my gestation. The darkness conceals existence. It conceals the world, but in a way that makes it feel like the home I have sought is found." 
"I care less these days about keeping my hands clean. I grab fish barehanded and handle my equipment with the gloves right there. Feeling those damp, fish scaly straps, as I hang them on my scale before use."
"I have come for this silence hoping that it would silence all that has been violent within me, all that I have been struggling against."
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